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Wilfred – All Caught up Mini Review

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Who would have thought a show about a guy in a dog suit, who is actually a dog, making Elijah Wood, the only guy who can see him as a non-dog do bong hits would be a great show?

Catching up this past week on the 12 episodes of Wilfred has been a delightful journey. Elijah Wood is perfect in his role as Ryan the guy that see’s Wilfred as a man in a dog suit. At first it was weird seeing Elijah on a TV show and not some movie, but it settled over quickly and I wasn’t seeing Frodo or Spiderman that other character he did, yeah, THAT one, anymore after the first couple of episodes. The thing is though, Elijah Wood isn’t even the best part of the show.

Jason Gann (Wilfred in suit) is the highlight of the show. If he doesn’t start getting more comedic roles in films it’s a travesty. Jason plays the part of Dog, but not a dog perfectly. Heck, I get a kick out of every time Ryan walks in on him humping Bear (a giant stuffed bear, we all know someone who had the stuffed animal humping dog) then he cheated on bear with a stuffed Giraffe. Who wouldn’t want a BJ from the longest neck in the animal kingdom? (Wilfreds reasoning for cheating on Bear) I love his timing on jokes, and just the way he does things. One of my favorite parts was him using a chemestry set to poison Ryan. After Ryan goes to the hospital thinking he’s going to die, the doctor tells him he was poisoned with a chemical in CHOCOLATE. “Am I going to die?” Ryan asked the doctor “Only if you’re a dog”. Then the look on Wilfred’s face as hilarious because he thought he was actually poisoning Ryan to death. “Ask him about Raisins!” Was his response.

This whole season has been the comedic highlight of my summer, I loved this show and really hope that they make a second season. Get prepared Hollywood, Jason Gann should be positioning himself to take over.

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