Alan Smithee

Wild Speculation: id Software Gearing Up for Quake 5

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Pete Hines is wasting no time getting the recently sold id Software up to snuff. They’re currently building up a 3rd software development team. Bethesda’s head honcho said in an inverview with TechRadar:

“They’d like to start building up a full third team and, as a result of this deal, they’ll be able to do that more quickly than they could have previously with the additional resources they have to work with now,”

id Software, much like Blizzard, is known for few, yet quality, games and since the new Wolfenstein is out soon and they’ve currently got two other teams working on DOOM 4 and Rage…I can only speculate that the mythic third team will be working on Quake 5. To hammer the point home, Mr. Hines also was quoted as saying:

“We expect id will keep doing what they’ve always been doing,”

Nice way of saying ‘more of the same’. What do you all think?

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