Ryan Wilson

Wii U Controller Will NOT Be Sold Seperately

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Like the controller? Well, you’ll have to buy the system.

In a discussion with a Nintendo company spokesperson, CVG discovered that the just announced Wii U will in fact be bundled with the tablet controller they showcased during their press event…and only there. Nintendo has no plans in releasing a separate SKU for just the controller, crushing any (realistic) hopes of local multiplayer gaming without split screen. In fact, the system was built around the one tablet philosophy, so even if you find three other friends with the console, they might be stuck with a WiiMote still on many (if not all) games.

I understand that local multiplayer isn’t as popular in a world where online gaming reigns supreme, but Nintendo prides itself on getting gamers and nongamers playing together in the same room. By limiting the system to one new controller, you’re essentially waving a big middle finger at that audience you risked so much in targeting, giving them very little reason to upgrade. Given their track record on online gaming, the audience that only needs that one controller is unlikely to switch over (unless they prove us wrong in the upcoming months).

Please. Prove us wrong, Nintendo.

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