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Wii Thin Ditches Gamecube Support

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Nintendo doesn’t think you need to use your WaveBird controllers anymore.

The newer and slimmer Wii will be coming our way this Christmas and with it we’re going to be losing the 4 controller ports, 2 memory card ports, and backwards compatibility with old Gamecube games.

This of course is a cost-cutting measure which means that the new Wii should all end up costing the average consumer (who hasn’t picked one up already) a little less than the paltry price the system currently costs. We don’t have a price point as of me writing this, but as soon as it’s announced, you can bet we’ll be making a post about it.

Just so you know, this new version of the Wii isn’t a special edition that will be released at the same time as other SKUs but the model that will be phasing out the current models. This means that if you ever want to play your Wii like a Gamecube, you had better run out and get yourself one.

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