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Wii Successor Confirmed for E3 and 2012 Release

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We figured it was going to happen, but it’s nice to know now that it is indeed happening. Nintendo is going to be replacing the Wii with an unnamed console in 2012.

That’s not all, attendees who show up at E3 this year will get a chance to feast their eyes upon the system and will get a hands on demonstration of the new console. Unlike the Wii’s project name (Revolution), I can’t stand the current name that they’re calling this system. Seems most people are referring to it as Project Cafe which makes me wonder what the real name might be.

The interesting thing about the whole shebang we’re seeing with the new Nintendo system is that neither Sony nor Microsoft seem really worried about it. Both companies have targeted 2014 as the year when they’ll make replacements for their current hardware. If this is true, that leaves Nintendo with 2 years to capture the whole market of next-gen.

I, personally, am not terribly excited for this system as Nintendo hardware doesn’t ever excite me. However, their first party games do. I’ll be one of the millions online waiting for E3 to start so I can watch the unveiling. I just hope the rumors of the controller being a touch screen aren’t true. Buttons are necessary to a controller Nintendo…don’t forget that.

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