Wii price drop confirmed for Brawl

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We were pretty sure this was coming, but a price cut ain’t a price cut until it’s verified, and it looks like that happened for the Nintendo Wii today. Nintendojo apparently had a man on the inside during a Nintendo conference call with major retailers, where the big N confirmed that starting September 27, Wiis will be available for the price of $199.99.

This is obviously a surprise to no one, since store ads have been showing the price drop for some time now. Add in the fact that the Xbox 360 Arcade SKU has already been $199 for some time now, and I really don’t see where Nintendo had a choice in this move. No matter, I’m sure this is really going to hurt Nintendo. Reggie Fils-Aime might have to start wiping his ass with $50 bills instead of hundreds. Poor guy. We should start a trust fund to make sure his kids will be able to go to college.

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