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Why You Should Be Reading Superman

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Leading up to issue #700 of DC’s ongoing Superman book we had the “War of the Supermen” and “World of New Krypton” finally reaching their ends and the beginning of the newest arc for Kal-El and company in “Grounded”. The best way that I have to describe Grounded is that Superman has forsaken Metropolis in order to do a Kung Fu-esque wander the US storyline.

Now onto the reason for you to be reading this. First, it’s written by J. Michael Straczynski and that alone is enough to grab my attention. Second, the page below from Superman #701 is so well written and amazing that I personally think everyone who is a fan of DC or Superman should be putting this book in their hold right now. WARNING, it makes you think!

That’s right, you have Superman being a dick to a local who thinks that his walk is dumb…maybe dick is too harsh but still way to make the guy’s head explode by quoting Henry Thoreau. If Straczynski can keep that kind of dialogue up for the entire run, we’ll have a can’t miss Trade Paperback on our hands in a few months.

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