Why I’m Excited For WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania

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I used to love wrestling and it’s one of the things I’ll look back at when remembering childhood. From the late 90s to early 00s, I was obsessed with it. I watched it all of the time, played with the action figures, played the games and even wrestled with one of my brothers a lot. People can say it’s fake and boring, which is true now (at least the boring part) but up until about 2003/2004, I didn’t care, it was great. Like I said before, I played the games, and up until 2005 I got every WWE Smackdown game year after year. On the one hand I stopped because the games were beginning to drop in quality but on the other hand it was because there was less and less wrestlers who I knew.

Now I’ve played a few since and I thought WWE Smackdown vs Raw and ECW 2008 were pretty fun from what I played, but I only knew a few of the wrestlers in it. One thing that kept me coming back were the legends. It gave me the opportunity to play as legends such as The Rock, Stone Cold and Mankind even when they’d long finished wrestling. You can imagine that I wasn’t happy when I heard that legends had been removed from the series altogether in it’s latest iteration. Luckily for me though, THQ are making a game that could make me feel like a 7 year old again, WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania. Hit the jump to see why I think this game could be great and why it could suck.

1) It’s legends of WWE!

Do you smell what this game could be cookin?

Even though only 8 wrestlers have been announced, the lineup is already good. So far you have The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Bret Hart, The Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Micheals and Roddy Piper. These are all legends of the business and are great choices for the game, spanning from the 80s right up to the recently retired legends. Even not so great legends would be welcome, just for nostalgia. I mean Bret Hart’s there, so why not have the whole Hart Foundation? And I see Shawn Michaels, so old DX would be welcome.

2) Create a legend

Not this kind of legend

Not this kind of legend

Now of course THQ couldn’t possibly fit every WWE legend in this game and there are going to be some wrestler missing that you think would fit right in the game. Now while complicated now, the Create A Wrestler feature of the WWE Smackdown games can produce some stunning results when used right. So the fact that there will be a similar feature in this game is a good thing. Add the fact that the recent Smackdown games have allowed custom music and entrances and there’s great potential. Is Triple H not in the game and you want to recreate one of the many great matches between him and The Rock? As long as you have the time, you could maker it happen.

3) Controls more reminiscent of the older Smackdown games

Like this hopefully

It could certainly be argued that these days the controls in the WWE wrestling games are way too complicated. Maybe it’s just a learning curve but when I first played with these controls I found them really hard to use. Luckily, Legends Of Wrestlemania is going for a simple, more arcade like option, hopefully reminiscent of the older WWE games. What was wrong with those controls anyway? They were easy to learn and easy to use.

Now for the reasons why it could suck big time.

1) Legends that fell out with Mr.McMahon are excluded



It’s nothing you can argue about really. After all, Mr.McMahon owns WWE and he’s not going to let ex-WWE wrestlers that he’s fallen out with be in a video game based on the company he helped to revolutionize. Unfortunately for us though, this means a number of greats such as Randy Savage and Mick Foley’s various aliases won’t be in this game, just to name a few. I know I said about Create A Legend, but it takes skill to make really good custom wrestlers these days, and copying wrestlers from sites like CAWs.ws might not be for you.

2) Legends Of Wrestling

Not a very legendary game

Not a very legendary game

Wait a minute you say, wasn’t a game like this already made? Yes, and it was called Legends Of Wrestling. It had good legends of the industry but it was a poor mess of a game. Now it was made by the same guys that made WWF War Zone and WWF Attitude, but it still shows that just having legends a good game doesn’t make.

3) We haven’t seen a lot of it

Not the best example but you get the point

Not the best example but you get the point

This game was announced at E3 last year, but so far we’ve only seen 1 unveilment trailer, a bunch of screenshots and the announcement of 8 wrestlers. The game comes out in March. Now I’m not one for hype but that’s not much to show for yourself when your game is out in a month or so. Hopefully a demo will be released but it seems very cocky of THQ to expect us to drop £40/$60 on this game when we haven’t seen that much of it. By this point in comparison, a Smackdown game would have had most of it’s roster announced and there would be plenty of trailers.

Despite these points, I’m still optimistic about Legends Of Wrestlemania. Of course if you don’t give a fuck about this game then move right on good sir.

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