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Why I Love Fringe

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The Title pretty much says what the show is about...fringe science, fringe viewers, etc.

This past week, like all other weeks, I was treated to the awesomeness that is the OTHER JJ Abrams TV show that is currently wrapping up its second season, and I have to say…this show is easily replacing all the love I’ve had for Lost, and rather quickly.

If you’ve never watched the show before, it’s essentially a reboot of the X-Files, sans the straight man / comic relief that we had with the Chris Carter show. If you’ve never watched an episode of the show, I should warn you…I’m going to be spoiling the hell ouf of this show in the next paragraph. You’ve been warned.

We’re just this week going to be concluding the second season of the show, and already we’ve been given more hints as to what is coming and who really are the enemies than we could have hoped out of the first 3 seasons of Lost. Let me catch you up to speed.

Walter Bishop and William Bell were two scientists who had a nearly inexhaustable budget to do all sorts of crazy, wacky, mad science in the 60s and 70s. Their inventions spanned anywhere from reading the thoughts of freshly dead people to a soundwave generator that would let you pass through solid objects. Their biggest creation was an interdimensional rift generator…which started bad things happening in both realities.

Enter FBI agent Olivia Dunham, and the other cast of characters. Olivia, as we come to find out is actually a super agent that was modified as a child to allow interdimensional travel and has powers (telepathy I believe) that will allow her battle the evil forces leading the interdimensional shift that threatens to destroy our reality and replace it with their own.

This isn't exactly a picture from the scene, but it's damn near close enough.

Ok, that’s pretty much where I want you to be as of this episode. This week, the team needs to travel over to the ‘other side’ and retrieve a person they believe will be used to create a doomsday device. Simple concept really, but what I’m really starting to love about this show is the writing.

They reintroduced 3 of the fellow super agents this week (they were the foci of 3 other episodes, ala freak of the week episodes) and before you get a chance to really let them sink in and become part of the ‘team’ they’re killed…BAM just like that! That says to me that the writers are “tuned-in” to their audience who were feeling a bit of the new character crisis.

In fact, they do it very quickly, cleanly, and with collateral damage. I just honestly feel that this show is quickly filling a void that is being created by the all-to-imminent demise of Lost.

The season finale is this week. After all’s said and done, expect to hear more from us here at WPR as many have a chance to catch up to the series and the awesome third season (also dreaded third season) starts to encroach.

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