Why Do People Hate on Light-Gun Games?

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Seriously…why are people all of the sudden hating on light gun games? When you went to an arcade, didn’t you love plunging quarters into games like Area 51 and Time Crisis? And now we are getting some full-fledged games based on light gun games plus with added features and everyone is in a hissy fit! All I read and hear is “oh, it’s a light gun game, who cares.” Umm, I do!

I suppose this is just people bashing on the Wii? That is the only logical reason why I could think of this happening since it is “cool” to bash on the Wii. Yeah, I know the Wii isn’t the most “hardcore” system out there but I’ve honestly played my Wii more than my Xbox 360 this year and they weren’t kiddie titles. I am talking M-Rated titles like OneChanbara (better on Wii than 360, I have both), House of the Dead: Overkill, and now MadWorld. Okay, I have played some Teen games like Onslaught and Deadly Creatures as well.

Any minute now I expect people to say something along the lines of “I’m mad cause the game isn’t done like Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition.” That is a good rebuttal but then you get people whining about that. Have you seen the cry babies over Resident Evil 5? “Wahhh, this is just like RE4, screw this game”! Guess what, people would say the same thing about this if it was done that way. You get an awesome control scheme like RE4 and then when you try using it again, people moan and complain about it. You get a fresh experience on light gun games that is good and then you get another dose and you complain about it.

Why is Resident Evil the only one getting this stigma? Could it be cause Gears of War, the game that was inspired by RE4? Gears of War 2 has the same controls as Gears and no one pisses a fit. Please don’t tell me it is just about not being able to walk and shoot at the same time. You try running and shooting shotgun and/or machine gun at the same time. It is called creating tension. But this is a bad tangent…

Light gun games are something most of you were fortunate to grow up with. They were and are fun. Now we are given the opportunity to take part in this experience from the comfort of our homes without the bulky cabinet plus deeper stories and a few added features and it is written off. I can’t understand this thinking. I guess people are really eager to hate on the Wii, don’t enjoy fun things, or simply will never be content. It’s such a shame.

fail :P

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