Why Do I Keep Coming Back To Music Band Games?

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But despite these criticisms,  I can’t help but enjoy the games, or at least the Harmonix games. (I’m pretty much a Harmonix fanboy. I’d go into why but that’s for another day) I think for me the illusion is one of the main reasons. This isn’t as much of a factor when playing with guitar but with drums and vocals in particular, you can create an illusion for yourself with enough imagination. Drums are pretty near to their real life counterpart for the most part. They even helped Bunny with his drumming skills as you can see here. As for vocals, that speaks for itself. This illusion is even stronger these days when the game allows you to create your own band, customise your characters, instruments and even make a band logo. To me, it’s the same as creating yourself in a sports game for example. It’s allowing you to pretend to do things you don’t have the skill to do well in real life.

Another reason is just the fun I have from playing the games. While I still get frustrated at the Guitar Hero series post Guitar Hero II, there is something about pressing 5 buttons in a variety of manners on expert level which I can’t help but enjoy doing. Am I addicted? Maybe, but I’d rather be addicted to something like this rather than World of Warcraft for example. The strangest part is, I hardly ever play multiplayer. I have even more fun when I do, but even with being a bit of an anti-social twat, I still find myself having fun on my lonesome.

Finally, I play these games because I would never have the opportunity to play in a real band. Now you can get a low-end guitar these days for around the same price as a whole set of plastic band instruments, hell you could even get a cheap acoustic for the same price as a plastic guitar. But then in my situation, I would never be allowed a guitar with all of the noise they create and the care they need so for me, at least with a plastic guitar I can pretend, much like a kid with a toy gun. (Probably not the best example but I can’t be arsed thinking of a good one.)

Going back to cost, while low-end stuff is affordable, it’s exactly what I say it is, low-end. Anyone serious would have spend a couple of hundred pounds on their instrument of choice and then you have to learn to play that instrument, which takes a bit more skill than double strumming or holding on and pulling off in a game. I’m probably lazy, but quite frankly I don’t have the time, money or resources right now to learn the real thing and so these games are the next best alternative.


So in conclusion, yes maybe the games are saturating the market and yes they consume money easily but I’m always going to come back to them regardless because for me they’re just as fun as FPS no.024 or Fighting game n0.12. Until I learn a real instrument at least. Then I can be a snob who can tell people to play the real thing. Not.

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