Ryan Thomason

Why Can’t Kate Beckinsale Fire Only ONE Gun?

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Underworld: Awakening is coming soon, and that means movie posters, weird leather outfits and dual wielding pistols. I’ll be honest, I haven’t given any care, thought, or even a passing look at the Underworld series. Sure, I bet I’m missing out on whatever it is the series is about. I do know one thing, every single image I see of Kate Beckinsale doing some kind of promotional picture for the movie she’s shooting two guns, I say they up the anti, give her THREE, no SEVEN guns. Or maybe just the gun from the 5th Element that does all the crazy extras. Is anybody else chuckling to themselves every time they see a promo or am I just being an ass? Hey, it’s a slow news week, I gotta talk about SOMETHING.

Just give her one of these instead!

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