Ryan Wilson

Why a PC Release of Final Fantasy 7 Isn’t a Big Deal

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If you’ve been on the Internet at all today, you’ll notice an immense buzz over the return of a certain beloved game in a popular franchise. Here’s the poop in your punchbowl.

First off, calling this upcoming re-release “enhanced” is an insult to the concept. In fact, Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has stated that Final Fantasy 7 will never receive a remake until he feels they have made a game that surpasses the quality of Cloud’s adventure. Ouch. What we’re actually getting is a simple port with a trainer (an editor allowing players to adjust values like health, money, and damage), achievements, and…cloud saving. Oh, Square-Enix, you crafty bitches.

“But Ryan”, you might be saying, “Final Fantasy 7 was an amazing game. You should be happy it’s finally coming to PC”. About that…

Final Fantasy 7 actually did receive a PC release in 1998, 10 months after its original PlayStation release. Guess what? This re-release was great, fixing some of the translation issues, drastically decreasing loading times, and improving upon the graphics. Granted, this version is very unlikely to work on modern day computers (it was built for Windows 98). If I had one thing to say about this upcoming re-release is that this will likely be the cheapest way to secure a copy of the game for those without a PlayStation 3, as even used copies of the Greatest Hits version of the game still fetches a hefty price.

Cloud saving…gets me every time.

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