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Whorin’ the Games: March 16, 2009

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Here’s this week’s list of games and DLC being released and which ones we’re planning on getting (and you should too). As always, most games will be out this Tuesday while most downloadable content is available today.


  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS)
  • Suikoden Tierkreis (DS)
  • Scrabble (DS, PSP)
  • Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (DS)
  • Resistance: Retribution (PSP)
  • Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (DS)
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 09 (PS2, PS3, PSP, 360, Wii, PC)
  • Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii)
  • Marble Saga Kororinpa (Wii)
  • SingStar Queen (PS2)
  • Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled (DS)
  • Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution (Wii)
  • Air Conflicts (PSP)
  • TrackMania DS (DS)
  • Wheelman (PS3, 360, PC)
  • Dreamer Series: Puppy Trainer (DS)
  • Dreamer Series: Horse Trainer (DS)
  • C.O.R.E (DS)
  • Jake Power Handyman (DS)
  • OMG! High School (PC)
  • Monster Band (DS)
  • Crayola Colorful Journey (Wii)
  • Petz Saddle Club (PSP)
  • Sega Fun Pack (DS, Wii, PSP, PS2)
  • Hello Baby (DS)
  • The Movies: Superstar Edition (Mac)
  • Tom Clancy’s HAWX (PS3, 360, PC)
  • Grand Ages: Rome (PC)
  • Men of War (PC)
  • Runes of Magic (PC)
  • World in Conflict: Complete Edition (PC)
  • The Path (PC)


  • Bit.Trip: Beat (WiiWare $6)
  • Summer Games II (VC $5)
  • Family Game Night (XBLA Free*)
  • Scrabble (XBLA $10)
  • Connect Four (XBLA $10)
  • Battleship (XBLA $10)
  • Yahtzee (XBLA $10)
  • Boggle (XBLA $10)
  • Sorry! (XBLA $10)
  • Sorry! Sliders (XBLA $10)


  • **Average White Band “Pick Up the Pieces” (Rock Band 360/PS3 $2)
  • **Earth Wind & Fire “Shining Star” (Rock Band 360/PS3 $2)
  • **James Brown “Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine – Pt 1” (Rock Band 360/PS3 $2)
  • Against Me! “Thrash Unreal” (Rock Band 360/PS3 $2)
  • The New Pornographers “All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth” (Rock Band 360/PS3 $2)
  • The New Pornographers “Use It” (Rock Band 360/PS3 $2)
  • Papa Roach “Last Resort” (Rock Band 360/PS3 $2)
  • Papa Roach “Lifeline” (Rock Band 360/PS3 $2)

* Downloads the client to the Hasbro Family Game Night, each game has demos but ultimately costs $10 each to download.

** Also available as a Track Pack for a reduced cost.

This week we’re doing something unprecedented, we’re picking a handheld game for our pick of the week. Suikoden Tierkreis was singlehandedly picked by almost every editor due to the quality that Konami put into it. The graphics are gorgeous, the cutscenes are epic, the battle system is perfect (including an Auto Battle option), and the story will make sure this title is worth the money spent on it.

Well see you all next week with more picks and the full list of games coming out. See you there.

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