Whorin’ the Comics: 5 August 2009

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Things are picking up again after the lull of the past couple of weeks.  As always a full list can be found here, hit the jump for the media whore guide to the comics you should be picking up this week.

Jonah Hex #46

jonahhex46Jonah Hex has been has been a recent discovery of mine after a friend recommended the series to me, I’m not particularly excited by the upcoming film but the comic is damned good.  This issue focuses on a daring rescue mission as Hex tries to save Tallulah Black and Bat Lash with Hex looking back to his days being imprisoned in a Civil War prison camp.  One of the best things about Jonah Hex is that each issue is it’s own story making it really easy to pick up and get involved.

Savage Dragon #151

SAVAGE_DRAGON_151After Savage Dragons defeat at the hands of his arch nemesis OverLord, it’s up to his children Malcolm and Angel to stop the marauding shark man, Mako.  Savage Dragon is a good fun superhero read for people that don’t want to read typical Marvel or DC superheroes, plus the storyline gets reset fairly often so if this is your first issue you haven’t got too much to catch up on.

Luke Cage Noir #1

luke_cage_noir_1@pFor those of you that are regular readers of this column you’ll already know that I’m a big fan of Marvels recent Wolverine Noir storyline.  Well now Luke Cage is getting the noir treatment with issue 1 of the series sees Cage getting out of prison after a ten year stint in Riker’s island and is all he wants to do is get back to the women he loves and live a quiet life.  Things don’t go to plan though as multiple people either want his help, or want him dead.  I’m a sucker for a good noir story, so I’ll be picking this one up to see what’s going down in Harlem.

Invincible Iron Man #16

ironmanPart of Marvels Dark Reign saga, the latest issue of Invincible Iron Man sees Tony and Pepper held captive in Tunguska and forced to play a game of truth or dare, against the barrel of a loaded gun.  Across the world Black Widow turns to Captain America to help but will he after his strained past with Tony.  The film is what got me into the Iron Man comics but I’ve stuck with him because it’s always been a bit more mature than the rest of the Marvel properties, that and Tony Stark is just so cool.

That’s my picks for this week, what are you guys picking up?

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