Whorin’ the Comics – 29 July 2009

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A couple of interesting releases this week, including one for the kids.  As always the full list can be found here and hit the jump for the Media Whore guide to the comics you should be picking up this week.

Dark Reign: The Green Goblin Legacy

greengoblinA one shot that’s looks at the past and present of one of Spidermans oldest nemesis, the Green Goblin.  Norman Osbourne has recently become a major player in the Marvel universe, after the events of Secret Invasion he’s become the director S.H.I.E.L.D and somewhat of a public hero after saving Washington DC from the Skrull invasion.  The comic features entirely redrawn scenes from some of the Goblins biggest story lines over the years and should be a great way for new Spiderman fans to find out about this classic character.

The Muppet Show #1: The Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson

muppetWho can honestly say that they weren’t a fan of the Muppet’s growing up?  I for one was a massive fan of the Muppet Show and it’s great to see that it’s popularity hasn’t waned and it’s continued to see success with regular comic books over the years.  This new mini series follows the Muppet’s who have discovered a treasure map which reveals treasure is hidden somewhere in the old Muppet theatre.  If you feel self conscious about buying the comic and have kids, buy it for them and some them what you used to like when you were their age.

Wolverine Noir #4

wolverine_noir_4@pIn the final part of this Wolverine spin off, Private Eye Jim Logan has to track down his missing partner, Dog and close the case that’s been tearing him up on the inside.  I think this is a genius idea for a series and I wonder why nobody has tried to turn Wolverine into a film noir styled comic series before, hell base the next movie off of this, I’d pay to see that after the car wreck that was the last movie.  I could see Jackman making an awesome private and the fact he’s got adamantium claws in his hands is just an added bonus.

PVP 6: Silent But Deadly

pvpv6_coverCollecting stories from the massively popular web-comic, the main problem for people who have read the web-comic it that these will be old news because it collects the stories from 2006 so it’s a couple of years out of date.  If you’re new to the series and have only just started reading then I advise you to check it out, it’s  a great way to catch up on the back story of the comics.  Even if you’re a fan of the series and have read all these countless times on the site go out and buy it just to support the guys and make sure they keep cranking these out.

That’s it for this week, what are you guys picking up?

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