Whorin’ the Comics – 28th October 2009

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A couple of new titles appear for your consideration this week and a couple of titles reach their penultimate issues. As always a full list can be found here and hit the jump for the Media Whore Networks guide to the comics you should be reading this week.
Invincible Presents Atom Eve & Rex Splode #1

atomMore stories from the Invincible universe are always a good thing and this new miniseries picks up where the previous Atom Eve miniseries ended looks like it’s going to be as exciting as the main Invincible storyline. See what shaped Rex Splode into the man who tragically sacrificed himself in the Invincible War. Witness his first meeting with Atom Eve and learn their stunning secret. Kirkman hasn’t chosen not to get too involved in the spin off leaving it in the capable hands of Benito Cereno, Nate Bellegarde, Bill Crabtree,Bellegarde and Fco Plascencia who were involved in the Atom Eve spin off.

Predator #3

predaotrWith only 2 issues to go before the Predator reboot comic draws to close and things are starting to hot up on the alien planet. While the guns-for-hire of Graham Directive Security knew they were entering a third-world war zone when they signed on, they never bargained for stumbling into the middle of an interplanetary blood feud. After barely surviving a brutal firefight with a squad of Predator soldiers, Thorpe and Briggs hightail it to the GDS compound only to find their base under siege by the offworld marauders. Thorpe and his crew haven’t got a prayer of survival that is, they wouldn’t if they didn’t have the most unlikely ally in the universe. The comic has been a hell of ride and I’m guessing it’s going to build up to something special when the Aliens vs Predator comic launches later on this year.

Arkham Reborn #1

arkhamAnother mini series that links into the Battle for the Cowl storyline, I figured I’d include Arkham Reborn this week because lets be honest we all love Arkham Asylum at the minute after this summers kick-ass video game adaptation. Following the Black Mask’s destruction of Arkham Asylum in BATTLE FOR THE COWL, Dr. Jeremiah Arkham has rebuilt the Asylum following the design of his mad Uncle Amadeus. Intended as a model for enlightened treatment of mental illness, the building soon mutates into a torture house, and the inmates find themselves trapped in a living hell. And when Jeremiah starts hearing a voice from beyond the grave, it becomes painfully clear that the lunatics really have taken over the Asylum. I’m glad they’ve decided to make Arkham integral to the plot of in the Batman reboot and I’m looking forward to to seeing how the Asylum figures into everything once this mini series is out of the way.

Halo Helljumper #4

haloThe penultimate issue of the latest Halo comic and things are starting to hot up for our two UNSC heroes. With an entire Covenant regiment hot on the trail of their comrades, Dutch and Romeo don’t have a lot of options…the radios are out, so they can’t alert their CO as to what’s behind them, and they don’t have enough firepower to take the Covenant force out on their own. But hey, what’s this here? A lightly guarded Covenant Drop Ship? But who’d be stupid enough to steal a Drop Ship? Two of the UNSC’s finest, perhaps? The Halo comics have done pretty well to stick to the style of the games as well as fitting nicely into the Halo canon, fans of Master Chief should already be reading this.

That’s it for this week, what are you guys planning on picking up?

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