Whorin’ the Comics: 28 May 2009

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Memorial Day and the UK Bank Holiday has pushed back the comics releases for this week so you won’t be able to get your comics fix until tomorrow in the States and Friday over here in the UK.  For a full list of this weeks releases check out the shipping list, here’s my pick of the books you should be picking up this week.

Aliens #1

aliensBeing released to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the first Alien movie, Aliens #1 is set on a recently discovered planet that is set to be mined by colonists.  However as they begin to explore the planet they find an ancient complex and one by one the colonists begin to disappear mysteriously and the survivors slowly begin to lose their minds.  This is the first of a planed trilogy of reboots from the Alien comic franchise, I’m excited for this because the Aliens comics were always good until the stories got a bit ridiculous by incorporating not only the Predator franchise but Terminator and Robocop as well.  The stories were done well but you would have had to have read everything for it all to make sense, hopefully this reboot will keep things simple and remind us why Aliens was so good in the first place.

Starcraft #1

starcraftBeing released to hype up the incoming, highly anticipated Starcraft 2.  Starcraft is going to be a new ongoing series focused around a disbanded group of outlaws known as the War Pigs, who reform for ‘one last job’.  I’ve never really gotten around to playing the first Starcraft but I’m paying close attention to the sequel because it looks really, really good.  It’ll be interesting to see if this new series can sustain a regular, monthly story but if it at least serves as a good platform to create hype for the new game then that’s fine by me.

Sword #17

sword17The sword is the story of Dara, a young paraplegic girl who uncovers a mysterious sword when her family are killed by a trio of siblings.  Not only does the sword give her the power to walk but it also gives heightened strength and agility, so she sets off an incredible journey to avenge the death of her family.  Whilst the book isn’t completely original it’s still a tremendously fun read and well worth a look if your a fan of action orientated comics.

Fringe #5

fringe5After a rocky start Fringe the television series has become one of my most anticipated shows every week and I’m so happy to see that it’s been commissioned for a second season.  The comic is a prequel to the series and is focused around Walter Bishop and William Bell and the mysterious experiments they carried out when they were lab partners.  The comic has explained several plot points that the television series hasn’t so any fan of the television that wants to explore some of the mysteries of the show this should be must have purchase, especially whilst you wait for season 2.

Impaler #3

impaler_3_covVampires have overrun America and the American population has had to go on the run before they’re hunted to extinction.  This looks like it’s a more action focused Walking Dead, with Vampires.  I’m hoping it’s more than that and from what I’ve read there is an underlying mythology to the story, and vampire mythology is always interesting.  Hopefully this will be one too watch.

Dead @ 17 TP

dead17coverDead @ 17 is the story of Nara Kilday, a 17 year old girl who is killed by a satanic cult, only to be reborn to fight the evil Bolabogg a demon lord who wants to destroy the world.  I’m a big fan of character driven stories, and this is what Dead @ 17 excels at, as well as being an enjoyable horror romp.

That’s it for another week, what are you guys picking up this week.  Let me know in the comments or even hit the forums.

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