Whorin’ the Comics – 26 August 2009

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There’s not too much out this week that’s grabbed my attention this week but there’s still a couple of bits that are worth picking up.  As always the full list can be found here and hit the jump for the Media Whore Networks guide to the comics you should be reading this week:

28 Day Later #1

28days later This month Boom! Studios releases the comic book follow up to the hit zombie movie, 28 Days Later.  Following Selena, one of the survivors from the film as she struggles to survive in a Norwegian refugee camp only to be pulled out by a bunch of journalists with war experience who bring her along on a trip because of the experience she has with people infected with RAGE.  The comic looks familiar to to DMZ which is another journalist in extraordinary situation comic series that I adore, adding zombies into the formula make this a guaranteed purchase for me.

Predator #2

predatorIn the middle of the third-world civil war a group of military contractors find themselves fighting for their own survival when they get caught in the middle of another war between two groups of Predators.  The first issue of the Predator reboot  was well received by comics fans and fans of the Predator film franchise, I’m sure with the recent news that Robert Rodriguezes Predators movie being fast tracked to release next summer fans of the film are looking for something to wet their appetite and it looks like they’ve found it in this comic series.

Domo GN

domoIt’s Domo! Everybody loves Domo the former mascot of a Japanese television channel who everybody seems to love finally gets his own English language manga comic.  Tokyo pop describes a few of the adventures as; Domo wreaks havoc on his friend Tashanna’s Wii, wins a box car race by being the car, and decides to be whatever he sees on TV, including Tarzan, a samurai, and finally, a chef!  Sounds like this could be an enjoyable read and at the very least it’ll be some easy to read nonsense.

That’s it for this week guys, what are you planning to pick up?

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