Whorin’ the Comics – 23rd September 2009

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Another quiet week this week with only a few things released that I’m planning on picking up.  As always the full list can be found here and hit the jump for the Media Whore Networks guide to the comics you should be picking up this week.

Invincible #66

invincibleThe first part in the ‘Preparations for War’ story line sees the return of Cory Walker, the original artist who helped co-create the series with Kirkman.  Nolan and Allen the Alien have escaped from prison and must unite every race in the universe to take on the Viltumites as they prepare to take over the galaxy. Another one of Kirkman’s properties that doesn’t seem to want to tell a happy storyline, here’s hoping things start looking up for Invincible soon.

Halo Helljumper #3

haloIn honour of the release at ODST this week I thought I would include the latest Halo comic for your comics consideration.  Mysteries deepen as the Helljumpers’ investigation of the curious events at the Space Colony Ariel continues. Cut off from the rest of their company, Dutch and Romeo must use every ounce of skill and strength to stay alive. But earth-shaking events, both physical and personal, will truly test the mettle of these two brothers-in-arms.  The Halo comics have been incredibly well written and drawn and play nicely into the canon of the games so I don’t think there’s any reason to think this will be any different, a recommended read if you’re a fan of the game.

Goon TP 09 – Calamity of Conscience

goonIt only seems like last week that I was devouring the last Goon trade but here is the latest one ready for us to check out.  It’s hard to sum up The Goon so I’ll just take the solicitation and post it here verbatim.  Prepare for the usual weirdness, as only Powell and The Goon can provide: the living dead (children, priests, and pretty ladies), pretty living ladies, gypsies, backwoods children . . . “dogs” . . . crazy-weird cats, pimps peddling animal love, animals on the receiving end of said animal love . . . evil Shredded Wheat-men, more-evil undead burlesque-house owners, guys with tails, a woky (a woky?) . . . and more!  Enough to pique your interest?  It should be, The Goon is one of those comics everybody should be reading.

That’s it for this week what are you guys planning on picking up?

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