Whorin’ the Comics – 22 July 2009

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Not too much out this week that grabs my attention which isn’t a bad thing after the amount of comics that hit last week.  As always the full list can be found here and hit the jump for the Media Whore guide to the comics you should be picking up this week.

Dethlok vs The Goon (One Shot)

goondethlokEric Powell has teamed up with the creators Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse to create a one off issue which sees The Goon and his buddy Frankie going up against American/Scandinavian death-metal band Dethlok.  I’ve never seen any of Adult Swim so I have no idea who Dethlok is but I’m a massive fan The Goon so I’m picking this up regardless.  The last time Powell teamed The Goon up with someone he got teamed up with Hellboy so we’ll have to see who appears, the last time Powell released a Goon one shot it was Satan’s Sodomy Baby so this issue has a lot to live up too.

Invincible #64

invincibleAnother month, another comic from the hardest working man in the industry, Robert Kirkman.  The battle with Conquest, a Viltrumite who has come to Earth to take it over, concludes but not without casualties.  Typical of Kirkman the cover for this issue is pretty misleading and the casualty that they hint towards isn’t who you end up thinking it is.  Like I’ve said before if you’re not reading anything by Kirkman then this is a great comic to start on, and a great way to get into the rich universe that Kirkman has created for his superhero properties.  It’s a great comic especially if you’re not into traditional capes and cowls stories.

Amazing Spiderman #600

spiderman600 issues, that’s a lot of issues.  It’s a bumper issue issue to celebrate this milestone event for which Marvel have promised plenty of surprises including several short stories drawn by a few of Marvels biggest artists.  Spiderman is probaby the biggest and most popular comic book character in the world so even if you don’t read Spiderman on a monthly basis go out and pick up this landmark issue and you might see why everyone’s favorite Spiderman is so popular.

Just a couple this week, what are you guys going to be picking up?

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