Whorin’ the Comics: 3 June 2009

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Another week, another couple of ways to spend some hard earned cash.  This week we have a reboot of DC favorite, two left-field looks at the superhero genre and a story about werewolves and vampires fighting, on the Moon.  As always you can find the full release of schedule here, hit the jump for my pick of what you should be reading this week.

Batman and Robin #1

batmanandrobinWho are the new Batman and Robin?  That’s the key question in this new series being released under the new Batman Reborn banner.  This looks like it’s as much an update as well as a continuation of the Batman and Robin story.  Much of the story is under wraps at the moments and I don’t think it’ll be revealed at first who is donning the famous cape and cowl.  Should be interesting reading for long time fans and could function as a great introduction to people who want to start reading some Batman.

Werewolves on the Moon: Versus Vampires #1

werewolvesIt’s another one of those comics that you read the title and think, “I have to read this”.  Werewolves on the Moon tells the story of three werewolves who travel to the lunar surface to become it’s kings.  However when they land they discover that vampires have taken up residence on the dark side of the moon, all hell breaks loose.  That just sounds insane, anybody who’s a fan of monster comics should be picking this up today.

Kick Ass #7

kickass007_cov-catDave Lizewski decided that he wanted to be a superhero, he has no superpowers but that didn’t stop him from donning a costume and attempting to fight crime.  He tends to get himself horribly injured but that doesn’t stop him from trying.  Kick Ass is a really good, original read, it’s written by Mark Millar who wrote the classic comic book Wanted so fans of that book should know exactly what sort of superhero story to expect.

The Boys #31

theboysThe superhero’s have gone after The Boys in the first part off this four issue story arc entitled  “The Self Preservation Society”.  Anyone who has been a regular reader of this column knows that I’m a big fan of The Boys.  It’s one of the most original comics around at the moment and it’s a superhero comic for people who aren’t into superhero comics.  What’s more this 4 issue arc has been drawn by Judge Dredd co-creator
Carlos Ezquerra.  Highly recommended reading.

That’s it for this week, what are you guys going to picking?  Let us know in the comments or even in the forums.

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