Whorin’ the comics: 19 May

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What comics have been released this week that you can spend your hard earned cash on? The full list can be found here but here’s the Media Whore guide to what you should be reading this week.

Herogasm #1

herogasmThe Boys is a comic set in a world very similar to the real one, however in this world Superheros are celebrities but they are also arseholes.  The Boys are a covert CIA unit created to keep the superheros in check through either intimidation or murder. Herogasm is the first spin off from the universe and looks at what really happens during superhero crossovers.  The Boys is a really funny story for people who love superhero stories as well as for people who don’t normally go for the traditional superhero stories.  Also one of the characters is knowingly modeled after Simon Pegg so any Pegg fans should probably go and pick this up.

Ex Machina #42

exmachinaEx Machina is another refreshingly different take on superhero genre, once again it’s set in the real world and our main character is the mayor of New York City, Mitchell Hundred.  Hundred used to be a superhero with the power of being able to control any electronic device but gave up the power when he wanted to run for mayor.  The most interesting aspect of Ex Machina is the real world issues that it openly covers, from September 11 to gay rights and the legalisation of marijuana and they are all dealt with maturely.  Ex Machina is worth a read if you are after a more mature superhero story.

Invincible volume 10: Who’s the Boss

invincibleIf you find yourself wanting to get into a superhero story but you think that there is too much history behind the Marvel and DC superheroes then Invincible could be the story for you.  An entirely new superhero property from the hardest working man in comics, RobertKirkman (Walking Dead, The Incredible Wolfman)  Invincible tells the story of Mark Grayson a half alien / half human superhero who is trying to protect the Earth whilst trying to graduate from high school.  Invincible is a really good read with great characters and a captivating story.

The Goon volume 7: Place of Heartache & Grief

goonFrom superheros to the bizarre.  The Goon is a muscle bound enforcer for the mysterious Labrazio who along with his best friend Franky take on the zombie gangs of the nefarious zombie priest and have generally strange and amusing adventures.  This book is hilarious most of the time, especially when it references the fact that it is a comic normally instigated when Franky finds a copy of the comic and comments on its poor writing and badgrammar.  If you’re after something different then I can highly recommend The Goon, and start at “Satan’s [email protected]#%* Baby” you will not be disappointed.

That’s it for this week, what are guys going to be picking up this week?  Let us know in the comments or the forums.

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