Whorin’ the Comics – 14 October 2009

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And were back to out regularly scheduled programming after last weeks break, I hope you guys picked up everything you wanted last week I know I’ve got plenty to catch up on.  As always a full list can be found here and hit the jump for the Media Whore Networks guide to the comics you should be read this week.

BPRD 1947 #4

bprdThe Bureau’s search for a vengeful vampire reaches its climax! In a strange Austrian village a terrifying party took place hundreds of years ago, and the last of the partygoers remain. Meanwhile, back in America, the young Hellboy dreams of adventure.  Only one more issue to go before before the latest Hellboy miniseries comes to a conclusion and I already can’t wait to see what Mike Mignola has gotten planned for Big Red next.

DMZ #46

dmzThe world struggles to come to grips with Parco Delgado’s nuclear revelation, and while he’s shooting hoops and avoiding the press, Matty is out there forging new alliances and advancing his own agenda.  But with spyplane overflights and rumors of search-and-destroy teams being deployed, how long can any of this last? Not even the city’s own new media outlet, Radio Free DMZ, has the answers.  I really hope everyone who reads this is already reading DMZ, it really is one of the best comics out there today and for a comic that was only going to run for 30 issues I personally hope it runs and runs.

Walking Dead #66

walkingdeadTHE HUNT CONCLUDES! Nothing will ever be the same.  Fear the Hunters concludes this week and makes way for Hope, whatever that could be.  After a fairly dark and brooding run of late and I would certainly like to see things starting to look up for Rick and the other survivors but they may have to do some pretty bad things in order to get to salvation.

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