Whorin’ the Comics – 11th November 2009

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It’s a videogame crossover special this week in the world of comics with some of this years biggest games getting the latest issues of their comic adaptations and I figured you guys might want to check them out.  As always a full list can be found here and hit the jump for the Media Whore Networks guide to the comics you should be reading this week:

Modern Warfare 2: Ghost #1

mw2WildStorm brings you a no-holds-barred, brutal tale of the mysterious Task Force 141 soldier known as ‘Ghost.’ Learning the motivation behind his mask and moniker is the tip of the iceberg in a story spanning the globe from the United Kingdom to war-torn Afghanistan to the drug war in Mexico.  By the time you read this I’ll already be well into the single player campaign along and playing some multiplayer with practically every other gamer in the world who’s picked he game up which is why I’m recommending the comic this week, if you’re a fan of the game you’re probably going to love this.  Plus I need to find out if Ghost is exactly who I think he is, I’m sure most of you have some idea by now.

Resident Evil #3

residentVeteran gaming industry writer Ricardo Sanchez and artist Kevin Sharpe bring the bio-weapons of the terrifying world of Capcom’s best-selling game Resident Evil to the boiling jungles of South America.  Follow two agents as they unravel the connections between the destruction of a Space Station, a telepathic G-Virus discovered in Grezbekistan, and the shadowy munitions firm known as Geisel Industries.  Empty villages, flesh-eating zombie children, and a trip to a reclusive CEO’s fortified compound bring them closer to the truth. But none of the terrors they’ve encountered so far could have prepared them for what happens next!  This series which started off pretty ridiculously but has quickly gotten pretty interesting, hell if you’re a fan of Resident you’re used to ridiculous by now, one for fans only I imagine.

Street Fighter IV #4

streetThe conclusion to the 4-issue miniseries based on the fighting game of the decade. While Dan and Sakura fall victim to the experiments of the S.I.N. organization, Abel finally learns the truth about his mysterious origins.  Plus, two powerhouse villains face off – it’s Seth VS Akuma in an explosive battle that could bring S.I.N.’s roof crashing down! It’s undoutably been the year of the fighter this year with many good fighting games finally getting released fans have had their work cut out for them to learn every combo.  The Street Fighter comics have traditionally been pretty good so for fans of the games this comic is a pretty obvious choice if you’re only going to pick one up this week.

That’s it for this week, what are you guys picking up?

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