Whorin’ the comics: 10 June 2009

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Another week, another bunch of kick ass comics for everybody to pick up.  As always the full shipping list can be found here.  This is the Media Whore guide to what you should picking up this week.

Toy Story: Mysterious Stranger #1

toystoryI’m pretty sure everyone loves the Toy Story franchise, how can anybody hate it?  The story of the comic is very similar to that of the first film and once again stars Woody and Buzz as they get to know the newest addition to Andy’s room.  The drawing and writing give the comic a nostalgic feel which is sure to appeal to older fans of the movies whilst being bright and cartoony enough to grab the attention of younger comic fans.  I’ll be sure to check this out just to get myself hyped for re-release of the Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D this Christmas!

Buck Rogers #1

buckrogersFor those of you that don’t know Buck Rogers is a classic sci-fi hero who first appeared in 1928.  It tells the story of Anthony “Buck” Rogers who is thrown from the past into the future, and has adventures throughout space in a way very similar to the adventure serials at the time focused on the swashbuckling adventures of pirates.  The reboot looks very similar to the film Tron and looks like it’s going to be a good, fun adventure story and definitely something people should think about picking up if they’re not into the usual superhero adventure stories.

DMZ 42#

dmzDMZ is one of my favorite comics at the moment.  It is set in modern day Manhattan which has become the DMZ in America’s second civil war, and in today’s political climate the story that is telling is very relevant, particularly when it comes to the representation of war by mainstream media and the government.  Each story arc is divided down into no more than six issues, which keeps the story interesting and moving at a pretty rapid pace.  The current story arc is a smaller 3 issue story arc that deals with a death cult working their way around the city.  I cannot recommend DMZ enough everybody should go out and by the entire series straight away.

Savage Dragon #149

savagedragonSavage Dragon is one of the longest running independent comics out there at the moment.  Telling the story of an alien who crash lands on Earth with no memory, the Savage Dragon has been a superhero, police officer and family man in the long running series and this months issue sees a return of Dart, one of the comics earliest heroines although things might not be what they seem when it comes to whose side she is on this time.  Savage Dragon is a good comic to get into if you don’t want to read a Marvel or DC comic superhero book.

Walking Dead #62

walkingdeadAnother one of my personal favorites,  issue 62 is the first of a five issue story arc called ‘Fear the Hunters’ and focuses on Rick and the other survivors journey to Washington and how they become hunted by more than just the undead.  I can see this story arc becoming another culling of the cast of the comic, something which has happened several times in the comic before particularly when we are coming towards the end of a story arc which it appears we are as the group get closer and closer to Washington.  The great thing about these culling’s is that you are left guessing whose going to live and die and it’s never the people that you expect.  Gripping reading, everybody should be picking this up.

That’s it for this week, let me know what you guys are going to be picking up in the comments.

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