Whorin’ the comics: 29 April, 2009

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It’s new comic book day today! Or tomorrow if you’re in the UK like yours truly for a full list of titles shipping this week check out the official Diamond shipping list but for now here’s my pick of comics for the week:

A werewolf superhero. Sold.

The Astounding Wolfman volume 2

Collecting issues #8 – 12 of Robert Kirkmans popular superhero comic. The Astounding Wolfman tells the story of Gary Hampton, who was bitten by a werewolf and tries to use his powers for good. If you’re a fan of monsters, superheroes or comics with a retro feel, I’d suggest going and checking this out. In general anything by Robert Kirkman is worth a read; I don’t think the guy sleeps. He’s cranking out this, The Walking Dead and Invincible, all on a regular basis and they’re some of the best comics around at the minute. He’s also the creator of Marvel Zombies which is one of the best series to come out of the House of M in years.



If you pick up one indie comic this week, make it RASL. Written by Jeff Smith who previous wrote the cult classic Bone. RASL is a dimension jumping art thief on the trail of the killer who murdered his lover, who knows all about RASL and his dimension jumping abilities. The comic is good fun and should be supported; indie comics aren’t normally this good.


Battle for the Cowl – The Underground #1

Spoiler warning. Batman’s dead!! If you didn’t already know DC are in the process of revamping the world famous detective comic. Whilst their busy revamping the main series, DC are releasing a series of one – shots about the other characters in the Batman universe. The Underground looks at the villains of Gotham, and just who will take control now that Batman’s no longer around, and more importantly, who’s going to oppose them. This looks to be the start of a good series tying up the loose ends of the Batman universe before the revamp in the autumn. DC has put together a full list of the Battle for the Cowl series here. I wonder what the big surprise in June is, we’ll have to wait and see


Sherlock Holmes – The Trial of Sherlock Holmes #1

The reboot of Sherlock Holmes has already gained a lot of attention because it’s the inspiration for Guy Richie’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes film, starring Robert Downey Jnr. and Jude Law. The comic apparently is more action orientated compared to Arthur Doyle’s classic book series and as long as the keep the mystery and intrigue of the books, I’ll be interested to see how this series progresses and hopefully it’ll build into a regular series and promote the new film which I’m really excited for.

These are my personal picks for the week, what are you picking up?  I’ll be bad next week to help you drain some of your hard earned cash.

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