Zachary Clayton

The White Suits #3: So Many Villains!

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Frank Barbiere and Toby Cypress step up the pace in this next issue.  With guns blazing, bullets flying, and swords swinging, this third issue out of a series of four kicks plenty of ass, and actually answers some questions.


The White Suits #3
Creator: Frank J. Barbiere
Artist: Toby Cypress
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release date: April 16, 2014

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In this issue, the whole thing is a big bloody daylight fight, with more interspersed flashbacks of the events directly after #2.  I really don’t want to say anything about the story, because I feel you should just read it yourself.  I will say what I did in the last review (I think), it’s full of that awesome movie cheesiness that makes over the top stuff so likable.  From the dialogue, to the way the characters fight, I would buy a ticket to a theater and enjoy a beer while watching this movie.  And, so many villains!  The lead is an amnesiac villain.  The FBI girl is a turncoat, so that makes her a villain.  And we have a neat bad guy vs bad guy vs bad guy thing going on here.

Cypress’s art continues to impress.  I really like seeing how artists incorporate lighting when they use a limited palette, and Toby does it very well.  And when a character looks mean, they look mean.  The only downside for me is this water-color style can seem a bit sloppy when it’s an action scene that’s fast-paced.  The objects tend to slam together because of this.  Sometimes, I wasn’t sure which character I was looking at, and I had to take a much slower second look.  I suppose that’s in part from the severe beating they take.  But that doesn’t change a thing for me. (Anyone remember Keith Giffen’s ‘Trencher’?) I dig that stuff man.  It’s just full of bullet holes, smoke, and weird angles.  I’ll definitely be looking forward to the final issue in this series.  I want to know the rest of our prizrak’s* story. (*ghost in Russian)  I just really hope we get to see a lot of blood covered white suits in the finale.  Which, if the body count in this issue is any indication, shouldn’t be a problem.

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