Alan Smithee

Where’s Waldo, Furry Edition

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poster says it all.

Do you remember those awesome “Where’s Waldo?” books that came out oh so many years ago? Well today, we’re going to play something similar, only we want you to look for more than just one thing…and it’s in an ocean of Furries who attended a huge furcon recently in some state that will host them. Sorry, I’m too lazy to find the real info for you.

The picture you’re about to see has so much hidden stuff in it that you’ll spend the next couple of hours staring at elaborately designed costumes (some disturbing) to try and find what we list. By all means, if you find something not listed, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add to it and keep this game rolling.

  • Team Fortress 2 Spy
  • Kratos Koala
  • Chopper’s Hat (from One Piece)
  • A cross between a furry and an anime character, mask included.
  • The only Horse Furry in attendance
  • Someone with self-respect
  • soo much here to see, enjoy

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