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What Was Once an Affectionate RPG Parody Film is Now a Video Game…With Your Help

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sidequestSide Quest is going to prove that you don’t need thousands upon thousands of dollars to kickstart an indie game.

Side Quest originally started as an ambitious film project by X-Strike Studios in 2003, the upstate New York film company known for  such examples of “video game movies done right” as River City RumbleProject Snake, and Nth Mile (and regulars at MagFest). Unfortunately, like Terry Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, the production was plagued with issues, resulting in its cancellation four years later.

The story, however, still begged to be told. In 2012, a fan by the name of Steffan Harris (known affectionately as “Black Chad”) saw the potential of Side Quest and began collaborating with the film’s writer Juese Cutler to turn the former film into a full-blown RPG. Now, in 2013, Side Quest is finally ready to start production…but they need your help.

To make this vision a reality, they need to raise $3,000. This is the bare minimum required to purchase the necessary software, hardware, licensing, and outsourced art and music assets, leaving little in the way for  unexpected expenses. Side Quest is planned for release on both PC and Xbox 360 (via the Xbox Live Indie Games service). At this time, they just under two-thirds of the way to their goal with 24 days remaining. The perks for contributing to this project range from acknowledgement in the credits ($5 level), to becoming an NPC in the game (starting at the $100 levell), all the way to a week in a Edinburgh, Scotland bed-and-breakfast and the chance to see the project take shape ($700 level).

Contributions to this project can be made on the official Indiegogo page.

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