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What to watch: Stargate Universe returns on 03/07/2011

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That’s right.  That cursed show, perhaps the greatest show on TV (in my opinion) is finally returning to TV on Monday.

Why do I say cursed, when this show is so fantastic? Because being able to watch the remaining 10 episodes of the ALREADY CANCELLED series, is nothing short of a blessing. Or at least that’s what SyFy would want you to believe.

Stargate Universe started off strong, with a 2.34M viewer rating (not bad for SyFy channel), but when that number dropped to less than 1 million (season 2, episode 4) SyFy decided to cancel the show, rather than fire the writers.

I suppose I can’t blame them, I mean, who wouldn’t rather watch wrestling on Spike… errr SyFy (note. SyFy is supposed to be a abbreviation for SCIENCE f’ing FICTION).

But seriously? Has anyone really watch SyFy recently? Other than the occasional cheap-o movie, like Man-Bear-Pig or what ever something-mixed-with-a-shark they can concoct this week, the channel sucks balls.

I wholey expect that SyFy will shutdown within a few years time, and strongly believe that rebranding themselves to SyFy was the worst decision they could make.

BRING BACK MY DAMN STARGATE UNIVERSE. oh. and everyone else out there, give the series a shot. It’s late in the game, but it really was worth it.

Remember to set your TiVo’s to stun for Monday night at 10/9C (adjust to your local time.)

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