James Helsby

What this Superman film needs, is some Old Crowe. Russell Crowe

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That would be minus 1 point for Fighting Round the World, err.. Superman: Man of Steel, the new Zack Snyder reboot of the iconic franchise

According to AICN, Crowe is in talks to take on the role of Jor-El, the father of Kal-El; aka… Clark Kent.. aka, Superman. Crowe would take over the role from the last good veteran actor to dress in fancy glowing white overalls, Marlon Brando.

If true, then the all-star casting for the show is working exclusively in the B-Range. Jonathan Kent is slated to be played by Kevin Costner, and with Russell Crowe taking on the alternate father-type figure of Jor-El, we can only surmise as to the direction that the film will be going. Crowe, 47, would actually make a half-way decent Jor-El. Brando was a pretty close 54 when he acted the role during the 1978 big-budget version.

Also in this new reboot, are Michael Shannon as Zod,  Amy Adams as Lois,  Henry Cavill (a newcomer) as Clark.


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