Alan Smithee

What The Hell is Project Café?

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Apparently all of the rumor and speculation that Nintendo is about to drop a new gaming system on us that is supposedly much more powerful than the PlayStation 3. Believe it or not, Nintendo might finally be trying to do right by us die-hards from the 1980s.

I personally won’t believe the hype until I see it with my own two eyes, but the hype train has already left the station on many of the other game blogs around the world…but we’re not going to play that game. It won’t do any of you any good to speculate on a system that’s mainly been considered a development kit, and a rumored one at that.

It might be cool to have an actual HD system from the company that began my love of videogames, but I’ve been burned one too many times by the big N to trust them just yet.

The only reason I even bring this up is to warn all of you out there to not hop aboard the “Nintendo Fuck Yeah!” bandwagon, at least not immediately. A healthy dose of wait and see is required for a project like this…but this is definitely one of the biggest things that I’ll be anticipating at this year’s E3.


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