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What the Frak Happened to Battlestar Galactica?

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SyFy apparently has no idea what it’s doing with it’s latest edition to the series, Blood and Chrome. It went from Webseries in 10 minute clips, to SyFy Movie miniseries, and now back to Webseries?

When we first heard about this show/movie back in July of 2010 we were pretty excited. We got even more frenzied when they said it was moving up the chain to Octoshark and Giant-Rat vs Gianter or SyFy Movie status as some call it.

After SyFy got a look at the early cut of the TV movie, with no CG mind you just green screen, it was enough to send the SyFy people into a topsy turvy. Had Alan Ronald D Moore lost his touch? Because when the BSG series was rebooted, it sure as hell wasn’t the CG that won people over. It was Starbuck being a bad ass chick, and just all around great writing and acting from everyone. Has Blood and Chrome dropped all that for more CG to appease to the studios but only met with failure? I guess time will tell.

For now though, it’s looking like if you want to watch new Battlestar Galactica, you’ll need a good internet connection.

Blood and Chrome follows William Adama as a young man, fighting in the first Cylon war and learning the hard lessons of combat and sacrifice. He’s ordered to escort a young woman, who turns out to know some vitally important Cylon secrets.


[editors note]Doh, Can’t believe I got my who is what Moore mixed up.

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