Ryan Thomason

What Do You Get When You Take Two Smiths and Add a Shyamalan?

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Apparently a big ass science fiction film. Since Will Smith is invested in making his kids famous, Sony Pictures Entertainment has signed him and son Jaden Smith (Karate Kid Crapfest) to star in an untitled futuristic science fiction adventure film that will be directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan. Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli) is on as a co-writer on the script, and since I really liked that movie, I’m very curious to see how this one plays out. The plot centers around a young boy, along with his estranged father, who have to navigate an abandoned, devastated Earth 1000 years in the future after crashing their spaceship. Yeah, I’m ready to hear more about this already. Though I’m not a fan so far of his kids whipping their hair back and forth and attempts at stardom, I love Will Smith as an Actor. I will go to this movie to see him, not Men in Black 3 though. That movie is just wrong from conception.

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