Wha? Urgh: Band Hero DS Drum Skin Revealed

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I don’t even need to explain how stupid this is. For a start, Guitar Hero on DS with peripherals was never a good idea. I mean the GH DS games haven’t even done that well, but they must have done well enough for Activision to make more of them, as we can see the DS version of the upcoming waste of time Band Hero game. Since this is “Band” Hero after all, you’ll be able to play more than just guitar in it, as we can see today with the unveiling of the Drum Skin.

Firstly, it’s just a piece of plastic. The game’s producer claims that it makes drumming more comfortable than using the D-Pad and buttons, but then that was never a problem with the recent Rock Band:Unplugged. The skin only fits the DS Lite, which means people with the original DS and DSi will be shafted (DSi completely since none of the peripherals work with it).

Finally, as with the guitar peripheral, in what way will this give the illusion of playing drums? You might argue that you can’t do that with any plastic instruments, but at least they’re actually shaped after the instruments they’re meant to be. The current DS guitar peripheral is essentially a big cartridge with buttons on it and this drum skin is in the title, a skin.

Well at least no one in their right mind will buy this. Oh wait, I forgot about the target audience of the DS.

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