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WH40K Dark Millenium Online Will Be ‘Actiony’

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The founder of Vigil Games, Dave Adams, is hoping that their new MMO coming out will buck the trend of the genre having cumbersome and all too typical interfaces and boring combat when they and THQ finally decide to put this amazing game on the market. I just want a street date, but I’ll take what I can get when it comes to details on my ‘marriage-ending’ game.

Adams recently had an interview with PC Gamer in which he and creative director Mike Maza gave their opinions on the MMO industry and what they’ve been doing wrong. Adams said the following about what he believes is wrong with the battle systems of most modern MMOs:

“A lot more attention is put into console games: if you sit down and you plan an MMO, and you actually compared it to a AAA console game, a lot of the stuff would never fly.

A lot of develpers see that as an opportunity to cut that corner because there’s so much to do on an MMO. They think people care about X, Y, and Z. They don’t really care about the feeling of the combat. That disparity isn’t going to be tolerated for too long: eventually someone’s going to do itand everyone else is going to have to follow suit. We want to be those people, and that pushed us toward a more action-oriented formula.

[the combat will be] balanced in terms of player-on-player and player-versus-environment battles. There’s a lot of ranged combat, but also a healthy dose of melee. You’re not gonna have a bunch of static spawns, you’re not gonna have a bunch of random patrols.

We’ll throw you into your very first instance, to get a feel for a very player-directed experience. Then you’ll go to your trainers and merchans, then drop down onto the overworld from orbit.”

This has me very intrigued because I simply don’t see the fun in most MMO experiences where combat is simply having your character stand next to something hitting it repeatedly and you using heal spells on yourself as you trade blows. Then again…to be honest, my only MMO experience is with Hello Kitty Online. That shit is hardcore.

For the other gripes that I have about most MMO experiences that I’ve seen in-person and on various videos on the Intertubes, is the horrible user interface that they make you use. Just look at any experienced FFXI or FFXIV player, even WoW players, and you’ll see a screen that’s just terribly cluttered with all sorts of little hotkeys and quicklinks. Adams, continues:

“If you see an MMO 20 feet away, you know it’s an MMO. There’s a million icons on the screen, the interface is the same. They’re all so predictable. our goal is when some guy’s walking past DMO and they won’t instantly know it’s an MMO. That depends on a minimal interface: it’s not a full FPS but it looks more ‘actiony’.”

So yeah, I’ve already been sold on this since I heard that there was going to be an MMO based on the Games Workshop IP of Warhammer 40,000. All of these details coming out just sweeten the deal. I can’t wait.

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