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WH40K Dark Millenium Online – The Video Reveal

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woop woop, imperial guard!

I’ve said it numerous times throughout this website’s meager existence, that when the Warhammer 40,000 MMO comes out from THQ and Vigil Games, that my life would officially be over. Today, I’ve discovered that this is fact…because the trailer from Gamescom just gave me a chub.

The video does show mainly the Imperium of Man, because let’s face it, that is THE iconic race that defines the universe, and the ones responsible for keeping the lords of the warp from spilling into our reality. We must always remember to praise the God Emperor of Man…shit, the inner nerd in me is taking over.

From what I saw in the video and can easily call out as being in the game would be various members of the Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Dreadnaughts, Titans, and Terminators. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the enemy races, but I did see what appears to be a nurgling fighting some of the Imperium.

I literally can’t wait to have this game on my PC, I’ll even upgrade the fucker to be able to play it…and that coming from a diehard console gamer means a lot.

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