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We’ve Got the Details on the Ghost in the Shell: ARISE

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Are you excited yet?

We sure are, thanks to yesterday’s Bandai-Visual presentation. The much-anticipated return to the Ghost in the Shell universe, Ghost in the Shell: ARISE, has been confirmed as a four-part OVA prequel, and will feature the same voice actor for Mokoto Kusanagi as Stand Alone Complex, Maaya Sakamoto. While we aren’t quite sure when the new series will reach state-side, we do know that the series will receive an advance two-week screening of the first episode at select Japanese theaters on June 22nd, with special Blu-ray copies of the episode bundled with a “scenario book” available for purchase at 8,000 yen each (or far too much US dollars when you buy it on eBay later). A normal release of the first episode will be available in Japan on July 26th, for you thrifty importing types. Streaming options will also be offered, but we do not know yet if the stream will be international.

Until we know more information on global distribution, here is a trailer to hold you over:

…and the OP

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