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We’ve got Dungeon Fighter Online Beta Keys

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I don't even care what anyone else thinks, this game looks to be completely badass and isn't your standard MMORPG.

Anyone who is a fan of the Dungeons & Dragons Arcade games that Capcom released ages ago and is also a fan of the Seiken Densetsu series needs to listen up and pay attention. Nexon, the guys behind so many other excellent MMOs, have been nice enough to give us a little one on one time at PAX this past weekend. Not only that, but they announced that today they’ll be giving away keys to the online beta that will open up on the 15th of September for Dungeon Fighter Online.

Here’s the best thing, anything you do in-game during the beta will actually transition to the finalized version of the game.

MediaWhoreNetwork just loves Nexon…and Nexon apparently loves us a little bit. We’ve got over 40 online beta keys that we’ll be giving out to the lucky winners who we deem worthy (just about anyone who takes interest really). On top of that, we’ve also got 10 coupons to redeem for $5 Nexon cash that can be spent on any game that the company maintains.

All you need to do to get to secure your own key is one of three things.

  • Register on MediaWhoreNetwork and make a comment below
  • Join our Facebook group and leave a message there
  • Follow us on Twitter and give us a tweet
  • That’s it! You’ll be able to join your fellow MediaWhores on the 15th as I’m sure that Evan and I will be all over this game when it hits next week. Just remember to give Nexon a little love when you’re there, without them, this wouldn’t be possible! For those of you that already have accounts with MWN, or follow us, or are in our Facebook group, just let us know you’d want a beta key and you’ll be set!

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