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We can't promise you tits, but we can promise you some good times.

Hey everyone, hopefully the jump over to this site didn’t shift or damage any of your body’s internal organs. This is the new face of what you all used to know as, WatchPlayRead! We’d like to welcome you all to the site and hope that you enjoy your stay as much as you obviously did on the previous site. Have no fears, MWN isn’t completely dead. It shall return ONE DAY to reclaim its birthright, but that’s not for quite some time…so won’t you all take one second to have a drink in the honor of MediaWhore and yet another to welcome in the new site.

You might notice that things really haven’t changed TOO much from MWN, well that’s because we want to make the transition gradual and to slowly introduce new features coming in the upcoming months. Not only do we have the same great posts from all of the authors you loved, but we’re also working on welcoming in a whole slew of new shows and articles from some of the finest talent we can find on the internet. For instance, our buddies at Giant-Size Podcast are now full fledged members of the WPR staff and will be contributing more and more in the weeks to come.

If you’re scared, don’t be. The site’s logins are the exact same as you once had with MWN, only now we offer you so much more. Hell, if you don’t even 100% enjoy our product, you can now create your own site under the WPR banner. Want to do your own podcast but don’t want to pay podbean or libsyn? No worries! We’ll help you get up and going. This is a process and it will take some time to adjust, but we do welcome you to our humble site and hope you come back often!

<3 Xopher

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