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Welcome to Night Vale and Thrilling Adventure Hour Crossover At ECCC

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Welcome to Night Vale Thrilling Adventure Hour

After hours and hours of traversing the floors and panels of Emerald City Comicon on Saturday, the thought of walking numerous blocks to the Moore Theater made me weep. Add our delightful Seattle weather to the mix and the journey sounds even more miserable. But never the less I went, con spoils clutched protectively to my chest, I battled the wind and rain to reach the historical Moore Theater. There, they ushered in our tired huddled masses into the dry theater and presented us with an epic Welcome to Night Vale and The Thrilling Adventure Hour crossover show.

Now even though I am embarrassingly behind on Welcome to Night Vale  and not familiar with The Thrilling Adventure Hour, I must say I enjoyed myself immensely at the show! Opening up with The Thrilling Adventure Hour segment “Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars,” an Earth man sent to protect the Red Planet from the universe’s galactic threats must find out who is destroying the moon! Spoiler alert: its our favorite sleepy desert town, Night Vale. Night Vale citizens Cecil Palmer and Steve Carlsburg help Sparks and his trusty native Martian sidekick, Croach the Tracker undue the trouble that the robot outlaws (John DiMaggio and surprise guest Alan Tudyk!) caused. Through a series of space and time travels they save the moon, that Night Vale had also previously tried to destroy.

Watching this live-radio team up really gave me a kick-start to catch up on Welcome to Night Vale podcasts and to check out more of The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Nevada and Croach were my favorite characters of the show and I really enjoyed their “friendship” with each other.  Only disappointing part about the show was that it started almost 40 minutes late, after braving the elements to get there being bored in a drafty old theater for so long was a little on the annoying side. However, once the show started it was easy to forget your aching feet and freezing extremities. At least until the show ended and you had to make the bitter cold walk back to your car.

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