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Weird and Wonderful Wednesdays – ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’

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Weird and Wonderful Wednesdays

Welcome to the first of many Weird and Wonderful Wednesdays! This is where I share with you my weird and wonderful finds from Netflix. Each Wednesday I’ll return with something wonderful and weird for your viewing pleasure. Either by streaming or by mail, Netflix offers an array of movies just waiting to be seen. My hopes are that you’ll discover one here you weren’t aware of or even give one a chance that you may have initially passed by.

I Think We’re Alone Now

I Think We're Alone Now

I Think We’re Alone Now is a documentary that presents us with two different individuals with one common interest; a pop star from the 1980’s. That pop star is Tiffany, and I Think We’re Alone Now is fittingly titled after one of her top hits.

I Think We’re Alone Now tours the lives of Jeff, a 50 year old man with Asperger’s syndrome and Kelly, a 31 year old ‘Intersexual’. Their love for Tiffany is so extreme that most would consider them stalkers. Jeff’s Asperger’s and Kelly’s uncommon physique are cause for their social awkwardness. They live alone and are introverts by nature. If given the chance, however, either one would spout their undying affection with their so-called ‘best friend’ or ‘future wife’ Tiffany.

Jeff has had numerous run-ins with Tiffany at concerts and benefits over the years. Once he attempted to deliver a samurai sword and chrysanthemums in show of his adoration for her. He explains that, in Japan, it is considered the ‘highest honor’, her bodyguards thought otherwise. Hoarding pictures and articles, Jeff’s home is filled to the brim with all things Tiffany. His obsession isn’t unusual for Asperger’s syndrome; in fact it is common. One with Asperger’s syndrome can harbor an obsession and overabundance of knowledge for one thing. He is committed to the idea that he and Tiffany are in love and that she is his protector. This fanaticism has lead Jeff to a three year restraining order and countless newspaper articles documenting each encounter.

Others things that interest Jeff: Experimental Physics, Radionics, Newspaper clippings, Time Travel and Space Time Continuum. Jeff is also able to connect with Tiffany on a spiritual level using his own radionic syntonic device.

Then we meet Kelly, who after going comatose from a bicycle accident, had visions of an unknown woman. Upon waking, she heard one of Tiffany’s songs and asked to see what she looked like. It was her; the unknown woman was Tiffany. From that day forward Kelly is convinced that she and Tiffany are soul mates, destined to be together. Kelly’s obsession isn’t as deep as Jeff’s and spans far less time, but her love for Tiffany is all the same. The brain injury Kelly suffered in the accident has drastically changed her quality of life. This, however, does not stop her from running her heart out. A walking billboard for Bally Total Fitness, she is constantly on the move.

Other things that interest Kelly: cowboy hats, fanny-packs, and the liquor store.

Together the two embark on a journey to Las Vegas to see Tiffany perform (scantily clad male dancers included???). It is a strange meet up to say the least. Jeff speaks his mind often, even in regards to Kelly’s gender and midsection. It is highly inappropriate, but Jeff doesn’t notice. What makes this mash up all the more entertaining is the shared hotel room. Nothing says die hard fan like a couple of strangers sharing a room, swapping pipe dreams about the one and only Tiffany.

At the end of the day, and the documentary, Jeff and Kelly part ways. Jeff has moved on to greener pastures in the form of Alyssa Milano and chooses to keep his relationship with Tiffany strictly at a friendship level. Kelly comes to the realization that her courtship with Tiffany is far-fetched, but that holding on to the idea of it is enough to keep her happy.

I Think We’re Alone Now follows Jeff and Kelly’s need for unconditional love, and they both feel they have that with Tiffany. If even the thought of something positive makes you happy, no matter how out of reach it may be, don’t stop believing.

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