Weekly British Bullshit: No PS2 Price Cut In The UK

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So a few days ago many people  were either happy or angry about the PS3 not receiving a price drop since it’s still overpriced. This came about because the old timer Playstation 2 hasn’t been going down without a fight and a price cut for the aging console and SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) has given it a price cut in the USA from $130 to just $99, which is about the equivalent of £70. Not long after the European division SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) gave the PS2 a similar price cut for all European regions from 130 Euros (at which point I realised my laptop doesn’t have a Euro key) to 99 Euros, the equivalent of £93. However, it should come as no surprise that our weekly British bullshit strikes again when it was revealed that even though we are in the European Union, “There no plans to reduce the price of PS2 in the UK.” according to a spokesperson for Sony UK. What the fuck Sony.

First off, I’m no expert in economics, but I know that right now 1 Pound is equal to 1.1 Euros (2dp), hardly a big difference like with 1 Pound  equaling nearly 1 and a half US Dollars. So why we couldn’t at least just have a small price cut from £99.99 to £89.99 just to make things seem a bit fairer. Secondly, you’d think that with the global moneygeddon (go watch Newswipe) going on right now that Sony UK would reduce the price in order to help sales (although at least they haven’t raised the price like the twats at Nintendo). Thirdly, staying at £100 doesn’t even make sense now. For £30-£40 more you can pick up a brand new Xbox 360 Arcade, which now has 256mb built into it. Considering the PS2 doesn’t even come with a memory card, you’re only saving £20 or so by picking up a PS2. There’s also the fact that this console has been out for around 9 years now. Do Sony UK seriously expect consumers to pay £100 for a 10 year old device? I certainly don’t think people would pay £100 for a PS1 if this was 2005/2006.

Of course it probably wouldn’t matter if they did reduce the price. A lot of people already have a PS2 and if not are either jumping on the Wii moneytrain or picking up a current generation console like the Xbox 360 or the console that should have gotten the price cut, the PS3. There is also the fact that a lot of British retailers sell the PS2 under the RRP anyway. However, there are some people who would still like to pick up a PS2 some time soon. I know that personally I want to pick up a PS2 Slim some time down the line in order to save some room in the house. More importantly I’m a cheapskate and I want my stuff cheaper damn it. Well I feel better now for venting. It might be pointless, but at least I’m not throwing bricks through banks’ windows in the name of anarchy.

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