Weekend Steam Sales Just Got Serious

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There’s good news if you like serious games involving a man named Sam because his series is having a 75% off sale on Steam this weekend.

Here’s a list of the games that are on sale for this weekend only. Well, until they’re in another Steam sale.

Serious Sam HD: First Encounter – $3.74
Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter – $4.99
Serious Sam HD: Double Pack – $7.49
Serious Sam Gold Edition – $9.99

To put that into perspective, Serious Sam is what would now be considered an arcade FPS, in the vein of classic PC shooters, and was created by a Croatian development team named Croteam. The first game was The First Encounter, which was followed by The Second Encounter and subsequently led to a number of ports and Serious Sam 2 in 2005. Serious Sam 3 is currently in development and in the mean time, the first and second games have been remade in HD. As for Serious Sam Gold Edition, that contains said HD remakes as well as the original PC versions. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t take itself too seriously or a stopgap before Duke Nukem Forever finally gets released next month, then these games might be for you.

Source: Steam

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