Weekend Steam Deals: Mount & Blade

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The Steam weekend deals were announced today and their big discount this time is 85% off of some game called Mount & Blade. Think Elder Scrolls: Oblivion on a horse and you have the basic idea.

Yours truly got to spend an hour playing the demo for this game and my conclusion is this: I wouldn’t play this game if you paid me. That’s right, I would turn down CASH MONEY to play a game. That’s how a bad it is. But if you really like playing something that will make you want to gouge your eyeballs out, then be my guest.

But for those sadists that actually enjoy playing these kinds of games here’s my impressions of the game. Set in the land of Calradia you start the game with a ‘Choose your Life’ type of selection. What was your parents background, how you were raised, what your goals in life are etc etc. Standard RPG fare which I’m sure have some sort of modification on you skills and stat points, which is the next part of the character creation. When you finally get your character made and are now free to wander around the world, you soon realize….there’s no one out here.

Battle is setup in a real-time map while world traveling is put into an overworld, click-and-run style. Yes you can go anywhere, but really, why would you? Maybe the game gets better as you play. I know you can recruit people to your party, buy new horses and new equipment and then command small armies to do whatever you want but that’s assuming you played it past the first 10 minutes.

I wish I had spent that hour of my life doing something a little more enjoyable…like playing Superman 64.


  • Retardedly awkward combat system, on or off the damn horse.
  • Graphics are from 1998.
  • The goal of the game is to….kill people?

PS. What amazes me is the creators of this pile of shite thought they could get $30 initially. Seriously? $30? For a game that looks like some Comp Sci seniors threw it together for their senior project? Yeah not happening.

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