Weekend PSAs: Superunknown Edition

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I’ve been looking to expand my musical taste lately and since I liked the hits Black Hole Sun and Spoonman, I thought I’d try out the album both songs came from, Superunknown. 10/16 songs so far and it’s pretty good. Chris Cornell has an amazing voice. Tonight we have an arguably racist drugs PSA, a brand new PSA from Think! and a cartoon gone wrong.

Drug PSA – Snake Guy


Here’s another classic from the hey days of American PSAs. It starts off with this drug dealer talking about drugs and how you’ll steal from your parents and the usual shite to get drugs, but the thing is, for no reason at all he just turns into this snake looking guy and goes YESSSSSSS. I’m guessing the change is meant to imply that drug dealers are monsters but it’s just an advert that goes BOO! without really making a point. 

Think! – Live With It


When I saw this for the first time on TV earlier in the week, I knew I’d have to put it in this post. It’s a great advert too. All it shows is a normal everyday guy walking about, doing what any other man in his mid 30s would be doing. Working in an office, walking with his kid, sleeping. The difference is that he keeps seeing this mangled kid on the ground staring at him and he can’t escape it. It’s a great way of showing that if you kill someone due to your speeding, then you’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life.

NSPCC – Real Children Don’t Bounce Back


Tongith was the first time I’d seen this in ages but it’s just as effective as I remember it. For most of the advert we’re meant to believe that this is just some comedy where the cartoon kid is beaten up in typical cartoon like ways. Eventually he gets thrown down the stairs and as the camera moves down that’s when we see that it’s now a real child lying dead on the floor. Then the message “Real Children Don’t Bounce Back” comes up. I believe this is one of the more effective adverts to come out of the UK that’s for sure. Good show.


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