Weekend PSAs: Stevie Herman The Suicidal Animal Edition

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This is the craziest set of PSAs so far so don’t miss out. We’ve got blind singers telling you not to drive, a suicidal animal kingdom and a certain childhood figure talking to you about a serious topic. Hit the jump for the videos.

Driving PSA: Stevie Wonder – Don’t Drive!


First Star Wars and now Stevie Wonder? Are these PSA makers on crack? Well Stevie only continually says don’t drive over this PSA, so at least it’s not about him. We get a boring PSA that doesn’t explain anything and is just pretty boring all together. If it weren’t for the fact that Stevie Wonder is in this PSA then it wouldn’t be worth watching and damn is that drunk kid reluctant to not drive. Any lazy bastard like myself would let the other person drive if they wanted to, drunk or not drunk. NEXT.

Global Warming PSA: McCann-Eriksson – If We Give Up, They Give Up

This one is just depressing and slightly ridiculous. It shows various animals depressed at the world they see before, which has become an apocoylyptic wasteland, no thanks to us human scum. This horrible sight gets to them so much that they see no option other than to commit suicide. What the fuck? First off, animals aren’t intelligent enough to do self harm and secondly, how the fuck would a monkey hang itself? I can see what message this PSA is trying to give, but it ends just making me sad. 

Drugs PSA: Peewee Herman – The Thrill Can Kill


This is simply the best PSA EVER. For a start it begins all serious, drawing you in. You’re curious and are expecting a vary serious PSA. That’s until the light turns on and shows none other than Peewee Herman. He then goes on talk about Heroin and why you shouldn’t use it. Now there’s no way that Peewee’s Playhouse could have ever have been made by someone who wasn’t taking drugs and the fact that this is Peewee the character talking to us, not Paul Ruebens the actor makes it even funnier. Now to be fair, it does actually give you the facts instead of just trying to scare you but it’s ignored just because it’s Peewee Herman talking to you, the viewer, about a deadly illegal substance.

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