Weekend PSAs: I’ve got a banging headache edition

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Not being able to post this yesterday was because I was at my brother’s house, so we pretty much just played PES 2009 and Rock Band 2 until the early hours. I’ve also got quite a headache right now from having to sleep on the couch, but nevertheless I aim to please and bring your weekly dose of public service announcements. So sit back, relax and watch some of the funnier things the government make companies do. Firstly we’ve got a girl at a swimming pool, a fucking creepy driving PSA and a chef.

Drug PSA – You’d Better Know What You’re Jumping Into


This is one of those PSAs that just go for the outright shock twist ending in an attempt to scare the viewer into not taking drugs, however there are two potential flaws that stop the viewer taking this seriously.

  • We only see the empty pool. Where’s the body being broken to signify drug abuse
  • The narrator sounds like the narrator from The Dukes Of Hazzard.

I can see what point the PSA is trying to make but it just goes for shock value instead of an explanation. Now that girl betta not jump off that diving board or she’ll be in for a world of pain.

Hit the jump for the two remaining PSAs.

Think! – Slow Down


Of course I wasn’t even here when a lot of these PSAs first came out but this was the first one I ever saw and a disturbing one at that. In one of the few Think! adverts that are actually good, this PSA is disturbing but makes it’s point clear at the same time. It’s put it bluntly and just shows how many feet it would take to stop at just 5mph above 30mph. This is the extended version too, which I believe never aired on TV and it’s no wonder: It would of scared the shit out of me. The black and white filter, the slow motion effect to emphasize the boy being ran over and the monotone voice of the narrator as she continues to count up the amount of feet. Good but creepy stuff.

Prevent it.ca – The Chef


Here’s another work safety advert from those guys in that strange place in Canada. I know this is close to Vlambo as a PSA and from an average viewpoint, it’s pretty effective. It’s starts of all fine with a woman making food in a restaurant kitchen. She looks likely to become top chef and she has a fiancee, but her life will change when she slips and gets boiling fat all over her face, scarring her for life. It seems like it could happen in real life and the scream of the woman just gets to you. Good job again Canada.

So there you have it. The funny thing is that my headache has gone now. Guess watching people falling into empty swimming pools, being ran over and being covered in boiling fat helps.k

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