Weekend PSAs: Clint D2 Of Ireland Edition

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Man was Obama’s inauguration boring. Sure the speech was good and all and it’s want we want to hear, but all the fillers in between was horrible. But anyway I’m sure you’ll find these PSAs much more entertaining than the inauguration. We’ve got one of the most badass men on the planet telling you not to do crack, a driving PSAs from our friends in Ireland and a smoking PSA from a galaxy far far away.

Drug PSA – The Thrill Can Kill


At first you’ll be thinking, this seems a little familiar, and that’s because it is. It seems that upon some research the PSA that featured Peewee was one in a series of PSAs like it, like this one for example. Now if Peewee Herman can’t get you off crack, how about….CLINT MOTHERFUCKING EASTWOOD. That’s right, the original badass himself. I have no idea how they managed to get him, but these PSA makers sure made the right choice. The cool but intimidating face, the gruff voice, it’s all there and if it doesn’t get you off crack then I don’t know what will. Too bad he didn’t say “So…are you feelin lucky punk?”

Hit the jump for the other two PSAs.

Driving PSA – The Faster The Speed, The Bigger The Mess


Unfortunately, I’m having trouble finding the others, but I did at least find one of the extreme Driving PSAs from Ireland. Unlike the wimps at Think!, Ireland goes out to prove a message that the faster you drive, the bigger the consequences. It begins with two innocent lovers who are suddenly hit by a crashing car. The boyfriend dies and the girlfriend becomes paralysed. It’s nothing special really but it makes it point clear about how your driving could affect people. Good stuff Ireland, even though I know you have better PSAs.

Smoking PSA – Don’t Smoke


I told you that you’d get to see this eventually. It’s just as ridiculous as the Star Wars drunk driving PSA . First off, since when did robots smoke (excluding Bender) and secondly, since when did robots have lungs to damage? I can see the message they’re trying to make and they get their point across better than in the drunk driving PSA but it still just makes no sense all together? After R2D2 throws the cigarette away, we get C3PO giving us the cliche talk about not smoking. But then it goes all creepy at the end when C3PO asks R2D2 whether he thinks that C3PO has a heart? That my friends, is the most thought provoking part of the PSA.

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